The Street Style Section Comes to thefashionchica

To start off, I love watching interesting people walk by me in the city. A way I figured I can share my love for these people is sharing them with you on here, of course, thefashionchica! Today I took a picture of a fashion chica named Noel. Oh so gracious about taking the photo, and posing for my little blog, little does she know she’s the FIRST!


Just look at her glowing skin and blue suede buffalo’s. She’s a total hit. Literally all of the photography kids wanted pictures of her, AND I DON’T BLAME THEM! What makes the icing on the cake of this look is her Ombre’d hair. She executed the idea very differently, making it not so usual, and it looks fantastic.
In the future I may just be writing little tidbits about the person, but this took some explaining!
Noel if you see this, comment below and tell me! Share with your friends and family.
XOXO, Momo



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