My Trip to London


So… here’s where I start my travel section of this blog!

Sunday, I got back from an amazing trip from EUROPE. LONDON. OH. MY. GOD. BECKY.
Just kidding. But, IT WAS AMAZING. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I was there for approximately
8 days and it took me a long time to get adjusted to the time difference. (6 WHOLE HOURS.) I’m usually
pretty good about being jet lagged, but I stayed up more than slept because there lunch time was my breakfast time, and now that I’m home I wake up wanting a hamburger. Well, thats what british railway companies do to you. (DO YOU GET IT?! Like the british railway companies invented the time zone law… OH NEVERMIND.) Talking to much about time differences, i must say, the shopping was BOMB. I shopped till I dropped. (circa. 4 p.m. in London, literally.) I am truly blessed to have visited there and see all the things I saw, which i will be posting pictures of down below!
I’m wearing:
Black top (unknown brand)
Mint dress pants (Bubbe)
Jeffery Campbell Cosmic Litas
Nordstrom Glasses
Green Stone Necklace- F21
DIY Black Faux Leather Clutch
My sister and I!
Did a little bit too much spending with this wallet…
Some photos from the open bus tour!
The architecture there is actually sick.
I LOVE this photo!

The London Eye

London Bridge!
Gotta love the tourists…
Irregular Choice shoe company! Corky, eclectic, adorable, crazy!
Interesting runner with out shoes…
On my way to speakers corner.
A cute doggy!
Pretty much where crazy people speak about crazy things (Politics, christianity, science, etc.)… You get the picture.
I took some pictures at “Ripley’s Believe it or Not”! We were feeling a bit touristy that day. I like to call this fellow ducky Mr. Knick-knack. Ecclectic art. DUH.
Kate Middleton made of kisses! (Lipstick, of course)
Just chillin’.
Isn’t this beautiful? ^
I felt gross after I came out of there… BUT IT WAS WORTH IT FOR THE PICTURE!
Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
TEA! Yum. (@ Fortnum & Mason)
Other than tea, we ate idian food, sushi, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. It was delish there.
Oh! Don’t forget those fish and chips! Mmmmm….
Kate Middleton Chic!
Other attractions/places I went to:
The London Dungeon
Buckingham Palace
The Changing of the Guards
The Ceremony of the Keys
Tower Of London
The Queens Jewels
The TATE Modern Museum: Damien Hirst Gallery
MY HAUL! It shows all the clothing, accessories, food, and souvenirs I got on the trip!

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