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The Cosmic Lita


I did it.

I wore them to school.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’d be delighted if you could go check out my last post. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, I finally wore my Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform boots to school.

The comments were mostly positive, and it was a lot of fun wearing them to school. I tripped once (one of my dearest, darling friends was there to help me back up)Β and got two scuffs on the shoe, but I was okay with it because there wasn’t too much damage.

I got many, MANY looks and laughs, but I was fine with it because of the reassurance of my friends! A girl a grade older than me even knew what Lita’s were!

Many friends also tried them on, which made me really happy and flattered. Almost all of my teachers commented on them too!

Now me wearing them :D


Hope you enjoyed the post!
What are some outfits you think would look good with this?
The day I wore it to school, I wore my Audrey Hepburn tank top, boy friend jeans, a brown cardigan, I layered a few necklaces, and wore these beautiful bebehs! ^^^


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